What does a culture of respect look like? When does joking become domination?  What can a bystander do? These are just some the questions examined in Mind Over Manner’s latest workshop for intermediate and secondary school students.

WITNESS: It’s Time to Act is a new workshop which is visiting schools across New Zealand. WITNESS examines our bullying epidemic in a different and refreshingly effective manner – using the power of theatre.  

Utilizing a team comprised of four experienced actors and one facilitator, scenarios are played out and then improvised… shaped… altered… using the input and suggestions of students themselves. By examining these life-like scenarios such as social exclusion, cyber bullying & slut shaming, WITNESS exposes and explores cycles of conflict, behaviors of survival and defense, and why Hurt People Hurt People. 

Each WITNESS workshop includes:

  • Preparatory discussions with participating stakeholder organizations.
  • Follow up resources. 
  • 3 Workshops at the school over 1 day (reaching up to 500 students)
  • Preparation and distribution of feedback forms
  • Follow up evaluation meeting with school representative

Each Mind Over Manner workshop is unique. Mind Over Manner works with the school in the lead up to the workshop to personalise the content. This way we make sure that the workshop you receive will have the best outcomes for your school community. To get a quote for your school, get in touch.

Check out what our past participants have said about WITNESS:

Watch the promo video for WITNESS below: 

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