Mind Over Manner’s workshops normalise what is often viewed as disability or dysfunction and encourage the reframing of cognitive difference into new understandings of  Takiwātanga – in their own time and space

Lead by facilitator & director Susan Haldane these workshops provide fast-tracked education on the neurodiverse experience.

With Susan’s expert guidance, and a team of four professional actors or a suite of filmed material, the workshops bring a variety of scenarios to life, allowing moments to be shaped and altered using the input and suggestions of the workshop participants.

Using these internal snapshots, we challenge participants to unpack, evaluate and re-imagine difficult situations. Together, we will build new strategies for working with students who think, learn and behave differently.

All members of the Mind Over Manner Team have personal or lived experience of Neurodiversity

Explore some of the themes that will be examined in the workshop through the videos below:

Each presentation of a Mind Over Manner workshop is unique. We have successfully tailored this workshop for parents, educators, health practitioners, first responders,the workplace and more. We will work with you to create the workshop that best suits your community. Mind Over Manner offers Neurodiversity Workshops in a range of formats:

  • Community/Public Workshop (POA – get in touch)
    The original Mind Over Manner workshop, lead by a facilitator and four theatre practitioners, and supported by an audience support person.  This version is perfect for community groups, whānau and professionals alike.

    By bringing all people associated with neurodiversity into the same space we can create a shared language and strategy together, making the outcomes of the workshop stronger. This merging of different groups allows for a range of opinions and solutions to be shared from the unique perspectives of all parties.

    As part of our community workshop, we offer a shared team time at the end in order to consolidate connections and community support networks.

  • Full-day Professional Development Workshop (LIVE) $6000 + GST 

    This workshop consists of 3 x 1.5 hour sessions, led by one facilitator and four theatre practitioners. This workshop may be tailored for people of any profession. Whether you are educators or service providers for neurodiverse people, or a large company looking to better embrace your neurodiverse staff, this workshop provides fast-tracked learning about all elements of sensory and cognitive difference. 

    We recommend this workshop for all first time participants, as it provides the most comprehensive look at neurodiversity and its many facets. The full day also allows time for in-depth discussion and interaction between participants, the facilitator and theatre practitioners.

  • Full-day Professional Development Workshop (ONLINE) $4400 + GST
    Mind Over Manner can provide our full-day workshop experience via a Zoom webinar, using a range of filmed scenarios and written resources. Delivered across a total of 5 hours (broken up across 3 – 5 days), our facilitator leads participants to a comprehensive understanding of Neurodiversity and all elements of sensory and cognitive difference.

    This new offering has been developed in response to the need to provide our workshops to those living and working remotely, and also as an option for large numbers who are not able to physically gather together.

  • Half-day Professional Development Workshop (LIVE) $4200 + GST

            Across a 2.5 hour session in the morning or afternoon, our facilitator and theatre practitioners will provide a window into the information                  and science behind Neurodiversity (including sensory and cognitive processing differences, and strategies for de-escalation, effective                        communication, and connection. Following this, participants will gain an understanding of the application of this sensory information to a                choice of either the Sensory Over-Responder or the Sensory Seeker.

            This shortened workshop is best suited to those who have a restricted timeframe, or whose school/workplace/community has specific areas                of development in mind.

  • Dialling Up Dialling Down – Recorded Webinar Series in 5 parts. $150 pp.                                                                                                                       5 x 1.5 hour series of indepth learning re neurodiversity with filmed clips for reference This series is for those who wish to attend and learn in the timeframes chosen as most suitable to them   

In addition to these workshops, Mind Over Manner also provides the following resources and follow-ups

  • Bespoke Neurodiversity Consultation   (30 minute premeet then 1.5 hour consultation)

    Whanau      (price sliding scale).                                                                                                                                              Education/Health/Social/Justice Services.  $480 + GST
    Workplace     $950 + GST

    A one-on-one consultation with Susan Haldane to understand the complex needs of a neurodivergent person and the increasing needs of the educators, teaching supports or professionals working alongside them. Based on lived experience and her extensive knowledge of neurodiversity, Susan works to develop bespoke strategies and creative plans for moving forward. Fee includes a 30 min pre-meet via Zoom and the 1.5 hour consultation.

  • Follow-up Neurodiversity Teaching Supports Session $690 + GST

    A dedicated and creative session focused on supporting staff specifically in their classroom lesson planning and development of transition maps for neurodivergent students. Both pre-planning and transitions can provide the foundation for a new way of working with the student. 1 hour active working session with 2 x Mind Over Manner facilitators delivered at a staff meeting or similar event

  • Class Neurodiversity Lesson Plan & School Rollout $1440 + GST

    Activation of our ‘Understanding Takiwātanga’ lesson plan for all students. Aimed at creating a collective understanding around sensory and cognitive processing differences, a shared language for recognising and dissolving anxiety, and building inclusion through recognition of the unique qualities in us all.

    Delivered to students across a full school day by 2 x Mind Over Manner teaching artists, the lesson enables learning through creativity and sensory-focused activities (eg. developing our own flashcards, experiencing thinking in pictures, seeing the room through a different lens). Fee includes the school purchase of the Lesson Plan material, and up to 5 x 1 hour facilitated sessions across the day.

  • Whānau Wraparound Workshop $3460 + GST

    A concentrated workshop that brings together whānau, educators and wraparound service providers to better understand the needs of a specific child or group of young people. This workshop looks to create fast-tracked learning and provide an opportunity to unpack and reassess our responses to challenging situations experienced in the school and at home. This workshop provides an opportunity for a common language and a collaborative relationship between whānau and school. Delivered across 2.5 hours by a Mind Over Manner facilitator and 2 actors.

  Please get in touch for further details about our workshops or for a quote. Mind Over Manner may also be able to assist you with finding     funding to host a community workshop in your area.

Want another taste?

This segment looks at an interaction between student Lisa, and her teacher Mr Clark. While this is a scene that may be familiar to many teachers, there is more to this situation than meets the eye. 

This is a classic Mind Over Manner example of the sensory seeker. These highly energetic individuals often appear oppositional, sassy and over confident but they too go into overwhelm and experience high anxiety. Our workshops work to unpack these situations and offer new ways of responding to these difficult confrontations at school. 

What people have to say about our workshops: 

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