what we do.

Mind Over Manner is a charity organisation that presents public workshops to foster theatre for social change.

Our objectives are to strengthen communication and connection with teenagers who think, learn and work differently. These teenagers may be undiagnosed high functioning or diagnosed with such labels as Aspergers, OCD ADHD DYSPRAXIA, ADD ODD and others.

These teenagers suffer high anxiety. They display confused or oppositional behaviour and often family and school functioning becomes dysfunctional as a result. Mind Over Manner works to help these individuals, their whanau and professionals to keep going when they just don’t know what to do next.

Mind Over Manner uses applied theatre techniques and works with a team of professional theatre practitioners and audiences so whanau, caregivers, teachers, and service providers have the chance to participate and reassess their responses to the  many unexpected and difficult situations that arise.

For individuals who experience sensory processing differences or alternate cognitive responses, ordering priorities or meeting expectations can frequently result in confused, anxious or oppositional behavior.

Mind Over Manner offers space for groups to dissolve anxiety , discomfort and behavioral problems by constructing techniques for cognitive clarity. Our facilitation process strengthens creative connections that build trust, empathy and functionality.


Mind Over Manner has created a unique workshop format that uses the power of theatre to generate fast tracked learning.

Using a skilled Mind Over Manner facilitator and director, hypothetical and real life scenarios are played out by experienced theatre practitioners and then improvised… shaped… altered… using the input and suggestions of the workshop participants. 

Each workshop is tailored to align with the particular group we are working with, the aim being to develop communicative sensitivity, spontaneity and specific response strategies oriented towards working with an individual who is cognitively different.

Course attendees do not receive a theoretical set of answers to core issues. Instead the Mind Over Manner experience actively empowers and encourages them to be instinctive, flexible and strategic in their way of relating to their family or community member or their work colleague.