The Mind Over Manner workshop aims to normalise what is often viewed as disability or dysfunction and encourages the reframe of cognitive difference.

Lead by facilitator & director Susan Haldane these workshops provide fast-track education on the neurodiverse experience. With Susan’s expert guidance, experienced theatre practitioners will bring a variety of scenarios to life, then these moments will be improvised… shaped… altered… using the input and suggestions of the workshop participants.

Participation in Active-Reality exercises allows creative space for renewed decision making, re-hearing principles and practical tools to de-escalate hostile events in the family and community. The workshop reveals concrete knowledge of sensory processing and how it can affect behavior. Also examined will be neural pathways, deciphering language and “meltdown” recovery responses.

Explore some of the themes that will be examined in the workshop through the videos below:

Each presentation of a Mind Over Manner workshop is unique. We have successfully tailored this workshop for parents, educators, health practitioners, first responders and more. We will work with you to create the workshop that best suits your community. Mind Over Manner offers Neurodiversity Workshops in three forms:

  • 1 hour Professional Development Presentation 
    Designed for teachers, counselors and education stakeholders who work with teenagers who think and learn differently. Mind Over Manner will come to your team meeting with one facilitator  and two theatre practitioners. We will give a one hour course in neurodiversity, and leave you with comprehensive resources for your team. For more information on these workshops please contact us.
  • Full Day Professional Development Workshop
    This workshop consists of 2 x 2 hour sessions, lead by one facilitator and four theatre practitioners. This workshop may be tailored for people of any profession. Whether you are educators or service providers for neurodiverse people, or a large company looking to better embrace your neurodiverse staff the Mind Over Manner professional development workshop will offer you fast-tracked learning about all elements of cognitive difference. 

  • 2 hour Community Workshop
    The original Mind Over Manner workshop. One two hour session lead by one facilitator and four theater practitioners, and supported by an audience support person.  This version is perfect for community groups, whanau and professionals alike. We believe that having all of these people in the same space makes this workshop stronger. It allows for different opinions and solutions to be shared from the unique perspectives of all parties. After each community workshop, we encourage a shared tea time for community networking. 

Please get in touch for further details about our workshops. Mind Over Manner may be able to assist you with finding funding for to host a community workshop in your area. Let’s make this happen!

Want another taste?

This segment looks at an interaction between student Lisa, and her teacher Mr Clark. While this is a scene that may be familiar to many teachers, there is more to this situation than meets the eye. 

This is a classic Mind Over Manner example of the sensory seeker. These highly energetic individuals often appear oppositional, sassy and over confident but they too go into overwhelm and experience high anxiety. Our workshops work to unpack these situations and offer new ways of responding to these difficult confrontations at school. 

What people have to say about our workshops: 

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